In the below podcasts, I interview carers anonymously so they can talk honestly and openly about particular issues they have faced and the way they have learnt to deal with them.

At the end of each podcast I reflect on the key points and insight which can help others in a similar situation.

Too caring or too naive?
“Going into the outside space, helps me deal with my inside space.”
Caring for mental illness, caring for physical illness
“I’m not just surviving but starting to live again.”
They just don’t understand what I’m going through
“You think health care professionals would understand.”
It’s changed our relationship
“She took it out on me through pure frustration”
Caring for an angry man
“It can be a thankless task but I do it out of love.”
Coming Soon

“Would you have do it it all again? Yes, but I would have looked after myself more and asked for more support.”


“Whilst putting all my love and energy into my caring role, I lost my individuality but I am so much more than just a carer.”


“When I found out we may not have much longer together, I felt our love deepen.”


“As a carer, I took on the worry for my husband so he didn't have to think about it.”