Are you caring for a loved one?

Feel stressed, with little time to yourself?

Want to find a way to regain balance and start to enjoy life again?

Most carers fall mentally or physically unwell whilst caring for a loved one, but there is a way to make simple changes in your life, to not only safeguard your health, but start enjoying it again.

Who Cares
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“It should be required reading for all carers. I just wish I’d had a book like this years ago” Irene, carer for her husband

Empowers all Carers to make changes for the better, with stories and solutions, so that you remain fit and well, to enjoy life.

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Hi, I’m Sara Challice and I cared for my husband, Neal, for 13 years after he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Following a stroke, he became bedbound and needed full-time nursing care. Due to the pressures of caring for him, I fell both mentally and physically unwell.

I then found new ways and strategies to regain my health and enjoy my life again, guilt-free – and so can you!

Life is not about enduring, it is still about enjoying,
especially if you are a carer

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