One-to-one coaching

Enjoy your own personal space and time to reflect, contemplate and move forwards in a positive direction.

Become empowered and valued to live the life you choose – guilt free.

One-to-one coaching

“In offering just the simplest of ideas, I have seen a complete change in carers, where they previously felt they were stuck in a rut, purely existing for another.” – Sara, ‘The Carers Coach’

Your session will be safe and confidential, utilsing extensive knowedge and insight for carers. Also, trained as a Mindfulness Instructor, and with a deeper level of understanding, I delve deep, looking at all areas of your life to start to make small simple changes for the better.

Within the session, I utilise relaxation techniques to boost your health and wellbeing, whilst helping you build confidence and self-esteem. This helps you to be proactive, so you can make positive changes to feel better.

Schedule a Free 15-minute Discovery Session with me to explore how coaching can help you.

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“It was probably the most useful hour I have
spent. Sara gave so many useful coping tips.”

– Lorraine, caring for her husband

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