Do you support unpaid carers within your workplace?

Do you have employees caring for loved ones? I give sessions for carers, which can also involve their line managers – with insight and tips to benefit both, helping retain working carers.

Supporting unpaid carers within your workplace?

Did you know 600 working carers quit every day due to the insufficient support? And inadequate support for working carers costs UK businesses £8.2bn every year.

But there is a better way.

I have given many sessions for businesses supporting staff caring for loved ones. Often given online, during lunchtime hours, these invaluable sessions allow space for carers to learn selfcare tips, insight and psychology to help them become more resilient and regain balance.

These sessions can also include their line manager, so there is a learned experience for all, creating a supportive collaboration within the workplace, and better communication.

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“Sara is a brilliant storyteller, and beautifully combines her messaging with humour, empathy and relatability. No topic or feeling was considered ‘taboo’, with conversation around crucial themes such as guilt and compassion fatigue that are often experienced whilst caring.

Sara created an environment with high psychological safety, and many of those attending felt comfortable enough to share personal insights, stories and reflections throughout the session.

Expertly woven through the session were tangible resources and information specific to supporting Carers, and the mix between personal storytelling and signposting was perfectly balanced.

Massive thank you to Sara for an incredible session, she’s helped our Carers feel seen, understood and shed light on tools that can genuinely help”.

- The We Care Network @ Virgin Media O2

Virgin O2

“Sara delivered a fantastic session as part of Carers Week for all our Sainsburys colleagues, which was broadcast live across our office, stores and distribution centres. The aim of the session was to drive awareness and insight for both carers and line managers.

Sara brought to life the challenges carers face in such an inspiring way with compassion, empathy, but also humour. She shared her own personal experiences of caring for her husband Neal with top tips, stories and reflections.

The feedback we had was phenomenal – carers saying they felt heard for the first time! Even those that do not care said they now have a new level of understanding and appreciation for carers in the workplace. This has encouraged them to have more open and honest conversations with their team on caring.

Thank you Sara for sharing your story and journey with us!”

– We Care @ Sainsburys

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