Creating resilience for professional carers

Working hands-on in the care sector can be demanding, leading to Compassion Fatigue and Caregivers Burnout. But there are ways to create resilience and boost wellbeing, whilst retaining your staff.

Creating resilience for professional carers

These invaluable sessions help professional carers gain greater clarity within their role, whilst receiving a better understanding of their own self care and resilience. During the session they will discover strategies, psychology and tips – not only effective in their own day-to-day care role, but they are then able to share this expertise, and give value to their clients, family carers and patients. Covering:

  • How to avoid Caregivers Burnout
  • Programming and the Carer Response Mode
  • Gaining clarity and resilience
  • Research and Psychology
  • The fight or flight mode and self care tips
  • Relaxation techniques

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“Sara understands the complexities and dynamics that carers can endure. Her regular online sessions for carers are highly valued by both families and professionals supporting carers.”

– Ellie Kinnear, Founder of Integrated Neurological Services (INS), a neurological charity, Twickenham

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