Resilience and self care within the workplace

Giving your staff effective self care techniques, strategies and support is a win-win all round – creating a happier and healthier workforce.

Resilience and self care within the workplace

Although stress and anxiety may have become proliferant, there are ways to help your staff, using midfulness, relaxation techniques and ways to boost mental and physical health. Book a session in person or online, as we cover:

  • The fight or flight mode and self care tips
  • Gaining clarity and resilience
  • Research and Psychology
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Ways to boost mental and physical health
  • Energy management

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“In a fast-paced world, we often focus on the external in a continued state of stress, losing sight of what is important – our own health & wellbeing. In slowing down to gain clarity with simple strategies, we can make better choices, not just for ourselves and our work, but those around us.”

Sara Challice, Best-Selling Author of ‘Who Cares?’

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